RULES. Read them.

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RULES. Read them. Empty RULES. Read them.

Post  Nubb on Tue Jun 14, 2011 1:25 am

Section One Respect each other. We're all here to have fun with a little friendly competition to boot. Help out the strugglers once in awhile.

Section Two Be nice, Abusing of other players member of WDSH (Or anyone else on the server) is NOT permitted. This is a serious offence. We all should be capable of conducting a righteous game without offending other players. Bad raps go to the SuperAdmin's Council to be discussed, so don't nag us with subjects that belong in the forum ( comments regarding game options or settings).

Stuff we want reported to Head Admins (That other WDSH members have been doing)

Excessive Chat spamming.

Spawn Camping.

Abusing other Members.

Abusing NON members.

Abusing Admin.

Double Clanning

Section Three Cheating or hacking is forbidden. This means no game mods or enhanced server capabilities to help players too weak to play like a normal gamer. This Includes any and all scripts.

Section Four : You agree to wear you WDSH tags [WDSH] Username -]RANK[- for all WDSH games. If two members use the same computer, you must ensure that those person’s tags are changed.

Section Five. To take server control in a [WDSH] server, you MUST wear your [WDSH] tags.

Section Six Email a screen shot of any viewed breech of our Code of Conduct directly to a Head Admin immediately.

Section Seven Head Admins will review violations of the Code of Conduct. Levels of penalty can range from demotion in rank to expulsion from the clan.

Section Eight DO NOT DOUBLE CLAN. If you are found double clanning, this can lead to expulsion from the clan.

Normal members: [WDSH] Username -]RANK[-
Donators/Supporters: [WDSH-S] Username -]RANK[-
Admins: [WDSH-A] Username -]RANK[-

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