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Post  Manana on Fri Jun 17, 2011 6:50 pm

How long have you been in the clan: 2 days

Steam Id:STEAM_0:0:5986984

IGN: [WDSH] Manana/Church -]PVT[-

Why you want admin: To help contribute more to the server and to help get rid of people that are annoying and/or bothering other people to make it a more fun environment to play in

How you have contributed to us: I have been playing for a long while now, and I am friends with many of the people that play. I also play regularly

How many hours per week do you play in our servers: Probably about 8-10 a week

What rank are you: -]PVT[-

Any other past admin experience?: Yes, only once on a deathmatch/rpg/surf server

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